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Gettings Started in the Graphic Designs as Freelancer

Everything that has to to do with print media design
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Gettings Started in the Graphic Designs as Freelancer

Post by PixelinkMedia » Thu May 09, 2019 3:03 pm

There are two types of people, those who have a natural talent and those who don't have a natural talent for Graphic Designs.

Each type can go to college to either learn or fine-tune their talent.
However, going to college is not for everyone. It may get you a better paying job, but its no guarantee.

So, if after college or no college, you decide you do not want to work for an employer or you just want to do freelance, how do you get started?

1) Build a website/social media platform
After the site is up, you need to design some images for your portfolio. You need to be able to send people to your site and show them what you have done.
TIP: do not use graphics in templates or otherwise that WAS NOT made by you. You MUST design your won graphics, that is the only way to show off your work. People can tell if a graphic is not done by you if they see your portfolio and the images on your site is way better than any that is in your portfolio. Each designer has a style, and they can tell.

2) Offer to design content for FREE
Offer free designs to friends you know and even strangers. Once the word gets out that you design, you will see more people asking for work.

3) Market yourself as a brand
What is a "brand?" - It is all about how you present yourself to the public, which includes, design, logo, sound, social media, personality and field you are targeting
Once you have designed a "brand" for yourself, then begin to advertise, join forums (like this), go to trade-show, hand out flyers and business cards. Many things you can do to advertise... some free and some you will pay for.

Those are the 3 Major things to do.
I may add more to list later.
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